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Buying A Property

Buying a property and want to make sure you are protected and get a good deal on the transfer?

Property purchase, let us help you ensure a smooth settlement when buying a home or property. If you are interested in buying or about to buy a property, contact us before signing any documents. We can advise on seller’s notices (Section 32) and sale and purchase agreements in a quick turnaround time.

From first-home buyers to experienced investors, we take the headache out of buying a property and make it simple and transparent. Thanks to our extensive legal experience, we understand how to offer reliable and smooth conveyancing transactions of the highest quality.

We take care of all your needs, including professional advice, contract drafting and exchange, lender transactions, settlement and administration, providing our clients with a stress-free experience.

Our services are tailored to your needs, so whether you are buying or selling for the first time, or are an experienced investor, all your conveyancing needs are covered in one transparent fee.

We believe that buying or selling property doesn’t have to be a minefield, and we offer a wide range of services to our clients throughout the state of Victoria.

Property sales

Fixed fees and quality advice are part of the Solicitor Conveyancing standard.

If you are selling your home or property, contact our team today and make sure your seller’s statements (Section 32) and sale agreement are of high quality. We help sellers ensure they are well protected, reducing the risk of a buyer walking away from the sale, and we do this at a fair residential conveyancing cost.

  • Features of using us for your property sale:
  • Fixed conveyancing fees with no surprises
  • Simple and convenient conveyancing services provided by experienced legal professionals
  • Complete solution from contract to completion of the sale
  • Transparent and clear communication throughout the sale process
  • A hassle-free, streamlined and professional conveyancing procedure


Preparation of contracts, seller’s notices and all conveyancing services, including conveyancing solicitor/attorney services.
Residential and commercial leases
We draft all types of property lease agreements for both residential and commercial use, making sure our solicitors and property lawyers have your best interests in mind.


Quick and easy transfers between spouses and family members, as well as other parties, with the best conveyancing rates in Melbourne


We understand that developers need a partner they can rely on and who has the skills to complete all conveyancing tasks without delay.

Our professional and experienced conveyor staff will be ready to do just that.

Section 32 Overview

Buying a home is surrounded by unknowns and downfalls. Let us help you navigate without commitment.  This is our opportunity to showcase our services and professionalism. The first Section 32 report is complimentary!

Buying/selling a cross-border property

If you want to buy or sell in Victoria but are in an interstate area, we can help. We have extensive experience in interstate property transactions. So if you are buying or selling in Victoria, contact us today. We’ll make sure the transaction goes smoothly and quickly.


If you are considering a subdivision for sale or have just completed a new construction project, we can help you register a new subdivision plan or consolidate an existing plan.

Fixed Melbourne Conveyancing Fees

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions you will ever make. That’s why we understand that you want the most straightforward service that delivers the best possible outcome at an affordable price. Fixed fee conveyancing allows us to provide this service to you while ensuring you get a clear upfront price. No hidden fees, and no unexpected changes.

Working with us, we will provide you with excellent customer service, competitive fixed-fee pricing and a process that is clear and straightforward from start to finish.

What Is a Fixed Fee for The Transfer of Property?

Historically, conveyance transfers have been made on a time and cost basis. This means that you pay a solicitor an hourly rate to carry out your conveyancing and you are charged for any other costs or expenses incurred during the process. As you can imagine, this can mean a costly and often unknown final bill.

During the fixed fee conveyancing service, we can estimate the time the solicitor will spend on your transaction, the steps required and other associated overheads. This allows us to give you an upfront price for the cost of our conveyancing services. This in turn means that you can have confidence, security and peace of mind when buying or selling your property.

What Are the Benefits of Fixed-Fee Conveyancing Services?

Fixed conveyancing fees offer many benefits, including:

  • You will have price certainty;
  • We are motivated to get the job done quickly and professionally;
  • With a conveyancing solicitor you will also have access to legal advice should you need it.

We Will Be Able to Provide You with Conveyancing Advice and Assistance

Buying land and then building on that land using a construction loan is a popular way to buy a new property. On the other hand, house and land packages offer a much less complicated way of getting into your new home.

House and land package loans are combined into one deal, but the general requirement is that you start building within two years. Otherwise, you can apply for a vacant land loan with one lender and a construction loan with another lender, and you would normally do this if you don’t plan to build on the land for more than two years.

A house and land usually include everything you need to move in straight away, including:

  • Landscaping
  • Gardens
  • Driveway
  • Gazebo
  • Decking
  • Fences
  • Gates
  • Laundry line
  • Mailbox
  • Carpets
  • Lighting

The total cost of the land and the building is specified in the standard sale and purchase agreement between you and the builder. You will normally be required to pay a 10% deposit at the time of signing the contract, with the remainder payable on completion of the building process or at various stages. For the balance to be paid to the builder, the house must be fully completed in its various stages and you must be ready to move in after the local authority has issued the relevant certificates.

A big benefit for many first-home buyers is that you usually only start making mortgage payments once the property is finished and your home loan is settled. You won’t have to struggle to make progress payments while trying to pay the rent. You may also be able to claim stamp duty relief.

We are here to offer a complete solution to your needs. We have a “can do” attitude and understand that the best property transaction requires timely and professional attention to detail. We will help you save time and money.

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